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Title Toolbox Marketing Material


What is Title Toolbox? A PowerPoint presentation. 

Great to use at a broker office meeting presentation.


Use this sheet to collect the needed info from each new user during/after your broker meeting presentation and then send it to your Title Toolbox Administrator or Customer Service Department. If you need assistance from Benutech in getting these accounts created, you can email the form to


Single -page flyer listing the reasons "Why Title Toolbox is for you".


Lead Sheets show the Premier Data (Life Events) that have recently occurred within a 1.5 mile radius of any address you choose. Life events may include Affidavit of Death, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Eviction, For Lease by Owner, For Sale by owner, Lis Pendens, New REO, Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale and Probate.


Sample printout of the Title Toolbox Netsheet.


"Quick Start" guide to help you get started with Title Toolbox


More specific information on the details of Title Toolbox.


The different types of leads with descriptions available in Title Toolbox


Explaining the different tract types you can search by within the Statistics module when searching area turnover rates.


Illustrates two different approaches to presenting Title Toolbox to and Agent:

  • Agents that have an existing farm- Show them turnover rate of their farm and how to "mine" it for sellers.

  • Agents that do not have an existing farm- Search area turnover rates to show them attractive areas to farm.


Instructions on uploading a list of properties to a Title Toolbox Account.


The value a Title Rep brings to the Realtor. This simple diagram highlights all of the data and resources a Title Rep can provide to a realtor partnership.

Premier Data Marketing Solutions

Instructions on how to purchase phones and emails on a saved farm.


Premier Data Price Sheet: Pricing for Leads, Mortgage, Phone and Emails.


Premier List Solutions will provide a requested custom data set for a specific geographic area. Purchase mortgage and life event records on an as needed basis.


Benutech offers Nationwide Data Lien Monitoring and Match & Append services. Enhance your existing files with current and accurate information.

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