Connecting Your Customers

​Email a photo of the Agent's business card (with email address visible) to with subject line 'add user'

Click here to create the email

My Account > ADMIN

Log-in to your Title Toolbox and navigate to My Account >> ADMIN. Click the ADD NEW USER button. After entering info and clicking ADD USER, the new User will receive an email with their login info.

Online Customer Sign-ups

Customers can go directly to your Title Toolbox's website address and sign-up. Make sure to tell them to select you as their assigned Title Rep! You will then receive an email with a link you will need to click on to 'approve' the account.

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We'll send your new Users their login info

​You new Users will receive an automatic email notification with their login info once their account has been created.

Get them trained!

Users can register for upcoming LIVE training webinars here:

Title Toolbox Training Webinar Calendar

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